Wales in 10 photos

We were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in Wales while overseas last year. J has family that live in Wales and we spent three days at their beautiful home in the country, and it was such a treat!  Wales was so sleepy and beautiful with its rolling green hills, high hedges and grey seas. It definitely has a 'feel' about it that's hard to explain. One of my favourite memories from Wales was sitting in the little cafe with J and his great Uncle and Aunty (who spoilt us rotten) and eating lunch & talking, when the guy behind us playing the guitar started to play 'Edelweiss'! -from the Sound of Music. It immediately bought me back to the times when we used to have 'sing songs' and home and we would all sit around singing and playing music and my Dad would sing Edelweiss to his three girls. I would have never imagined back then that I would hear that song while on the other side of the world with my new husband and his lovely family. God has such amazing things in store for us, I can't wait to see what else he has planned for our lives.