These Alps

By far our week and a bit in the town of Courmayeur in the Italian Alps was my favourite part of our honeymoon. Being half Austrian, and having travelled to Austria a few times before I knew that the Alps were somewhere that I really wanted to go again, and really wanted to show my new husband. Unfortunately we didn't get to make it to officially into Austria on our honeymoon as by that stage we were completely out of money and time, but being in the same mountain range that my family grew up in and still live now was just so special. Courmayeur is on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, just outside the French border, and it is the highest commune in Italy. Since we took trains and buses from Paris to Courmayeur, Italy, we were able to look out the window the entire time and watch this new world go past us. We went past so many little mountain towns and past huge lakes that seemed to never end with castles and villas lining the sides. It made us just feel in awe of our God that could create such beauty. We spent Christmas week in a little hotel (slash house) right at the top of the town with incredible, INCREDIBLE, views surrounding us. Just the feeling of being so surrounded on all sides with mountains and snowcapped peaks was just breathtaking. It felt so fresh, and so new. I felt so at home. 

On Christmas Day we headed up the gondola for the second time (the gondola happened to be a minute down the road) and we spend the whole day in the hut at the top of the mountains playing card games and drinking too many hot chocolates (and again this just felt like home since my mum grew up in a hut in the Alps, which my relatives now run!) Everything was just so similiar to Austria. After we had been in the hut for a few hours and had even witnessed a mini avalanche we headed down the creaky little gondola back to our house/hotel in the country and we went for a long walk up the hill to find some snow. There were bits of snow lining the sides of the roads but at that point it hadn't had the first big dump yet. That walk was one of the most special things I have ever done in my life. Walking hand in hand with the love of my life and my brand spanking new husband through a quiet mountain village with hardly any people and hardly any noise was perfect. It's hard to explain how this time felt to be honest, everything just felt right and I was content, but even those words don't sum up properly how I felt! We walked for a while up the hill taking photos and exploring and we found these beautiful woods on the side of the road and since they were sheltered there was snow on the ground! So we played around in the snow for a while and of course there was a picturesque creek RIGHT there so Jonny of course went to look for gold and came back with a fist full of rocks. :D 

It ended up snowing for the first time the day after Christmas which was such a cool experience for my Jonny. He had never been in that much snow before. The kind of snow where your car is under a huge pile of snow and you have to shovel it out before you attempt to use it, and the kind of snow where its up to your waist and you can barely move anywhere.  We LOVED it. Although it was awful for travelling in, and we saw so many 'almost' crashes on the roads. 

We both felt overwhelmingly blessed to have spent a large chunk of our honeymoon in such an amazing place. I truly think this was the best week of my life to date, and its weird to think that our lives might be different the next time we go back. God, is good!