Sea + Sand

My family are big campers. We've been going camping since we were teeny tots and I have always loved staying at the beach for a couple of days and getting way too sunburnt, although most years we would get rained out and would have to pack up our leaky tent in the middle of the night and take the 3 hour trip back home. Which was great. It's all part of the camping experience.

A few weeks ago we headed out on our own little camping trip, just the two of us, to try and find a new camping spot. We drove up the coast for a few hours until we came to the cutest little campground right off the road, with views of the ocean from virtually everywhere. The ocean was calm (just the way I like it) so we went for morning swims just as the sun was coming up and relaxed on the hot sand. We did however accidentally wander onto a nudist part of the beach, and accidentally brought the wrong adapter for our mini bbq so we had no hot water or heat, and had to live of weet-bix basically but it was still a relaxing weekend without our phones or work.