Paris in winter

Paris! The city of love. We certainly loved Paris and we were loved up to the max. It's a beautiful city, with beautiful old buildings, artistic touches everywhere you looked, and such a lovely atmosphere. It's exactly what we always dreamed it would be like. We spent almost a week exploring the city and being blown away everyday by something new.  Our honeymoon was from Dec 1st right till Jan 2nd so the entire time we were in Europe it was freezing cold and 'Christmas themed', which was such a special bonus. We loved being bundled up, walking around, sipping hot chocolates (with a buttload of cream) and just the whole feel of Christmas in Europe. We really had the best times of our lives in that month and a day. We will never forget those sweet memories together.

One of my favourite things in Paris was the Eiffel Tower. (of course) We took the stairs up because we're cheapskates and also we're super impatient and the elevator line had at least 300 people in it. The stairs however, were not concrete blocks or wood or anything, just see through metal wired together hence being able to see the ground the entire time you were climbing up, and if you are not a fan of heights (hellllloooo) it was a little scary. Little kids and grandparents were passing me on the way up. ;) The view from the Eiffel is a special one. Again, mind-blown. (Oh, and there was an ice rink on the first level! Can you believe that? Little old me didn't even realise it was wide enough to hold an ice rink.) Naturally we had pretzels and hot chocolates at the cafe up there and took turns taking photos. 

We also found MONA! At the Louvre! I was on a mission to see this beautiful lady with the eyes that follow you and she really was gorgeous. And her eyes really do follow you. Err'where. We bought a magnet with her face on it, so now her eyes follow us all around the kitchen as well.

To sum it up, we loved Paris. We loved being in Paris, together. And one day we'll go back and explore all the bits we ran out of time for. The world surely is a beautiful place!