His, Hers, Ours.

Our house is my favourite place right now. It has been so awesome setting up a place that is ours and has a mix of our personalities in it. These are some of our things that we treasure and some new things that we have discovered we love. Our rings. We love them. My rings are so special to me and I am constantly staring at them. I got my wedding band from a vintage business called MacArthurs Antiques, and it fits perfectly with my engagement ring. 

Our kitten is our new baby! I looooove the new addition to our house. Maverick is the sweetest baby kits and our home wouldn't be the same without him. Even if he did poo on my couch yesterday. -_- 

My favourite parts of the week are in the weekend when my husband wakes me up with coffee after a good sleepin, and we sit and talk and try and push Mav away from our coffees and breakfast. I savour those moments when we don't have to wake up at 6am when J goes to work, and when we have time together. I can never get enough time with my hubs! He's the greatest.